2021 Community Unity Cup: Hon. Awopetu Thumbs Up Ekiti FA

Commissioner for Youth and Sports Development, Ekiti State, Hon. Michael Awopetu has showered encomiums on the State Football Association led by Bayo Olanlege for his efforts in organizing football competition at the local councils in the State.

Hon. Awopetu said the Football Association have done well in all ramifications in organising competitions across the State.

“They (the FA) have tried as much as possible to bring in sponsorship to the State, making sure that every moment you have one competition or the other. It’s a welcome development and is good for the spirit of sportsmanship and is good for the government and the people of the State.

“It’s not only through skills acquisition that a young person can be useful to the society, it is through this competitions and others.if this kind of thing is happening in the sixteen Local Government is a welcome development,” Awopetu maintained.

Hon. Awopetu further encouraged players to display their talents while maintaining a peaceful environment through out the competition rather than engaging in social vices such as smoking, gambling, cultism, thuggery and internet fraud.

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