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Anyansi alleges gang up to Sabotage Enyimba

Enyimba FC chairman, Felix Anyansi-Agwu has expressed his reservations at alleged gang-up to undermine the performance of the team by some forces close to the team barely a day after the team secured a 1-0 away win against Rahimo FC in the CAF Champions League preliminary round, first leg tie on Sunday.

Anyansi-Agwu posited that the forces made the team experienced difficult moments before they eventually departed for Burkina Faso a day behind schedule and he thumbed up the players, the technical crew and other management members that made the away win over Rahimo FC possible in Ouagadougou.

“I’m happy. I praise this wonderful players. It is unbelievable. The league has not even started and we have this kind of game. I thank the technical crew very much for put up a team and organising it the way they are,” Anyansi-Agwu started in a chat with the club media.

“I want to thank the players for exercising pure discipline. It was long time I saw a team played the way they did on Sunday. I am dedicating this victory to the good people of Abia State and millions of Nigerians who previously have built hope and trust in us. There have been a lot of things. We went through difficult moments to be here and honour this particular match.

“I know there have been challenges that have been created here and there that has given this team room to really express themselves. I am very happy that God who sees the heart of man has rewarded this team that is going through a lot of hardship. (The result) is a clear indication to these people with the gang up here and there against this team so that a team that is blessed to bring honour to the country is being brought down. It is quite unfair.

“The gang up here and there to bring this team down not to achieve their purpose of making Abia State proud is something that is bothering me. It is why I am extremely happy today more than any other day about this particular result.

I want to thank the staff that has been very supportive even when I wanted to give up hope, they tapped me and said I shouldn’t that God is with me I should continue to lead them.“I want to thank Nigerians that have been very prayerful and believe in our ability to represent the country. What we are doing is to represent the country to the best of our ability and knowledge in good faith. We are endowed with a lot of experience around the team.

“We should not let it waste. It is valuable for the state and Nigeria. I want to thank all the people that made sacrifices that should have been here with us that couldn’t make it because of these man made challenges.”

Enyimba are due back in Nigeria Tuesday night after they had a stop over in Abidjan, Cote ‘d’ Ivoire from where they will connect the flight to Nigeria Tuesday morning.

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