FCT Players’ Union Stakeholders Declare For All Nigeria Players Union

The FCT Chapter of the Nigeria Players Union has decided to join the moving train of the All Nigeria Players Union.

The decision from the seat of power was taken and agreed upon by all stakeholders after much deliberations and consideration

Their decision was informed by the need to flow with the positive tides of the newly constituted Union in the interest of the players and their welfare.

“We at the FCT have made a decision from day one to ensure a productive fight for the major stakeholders of the game (footballers) and it is important we make this move to meet the target of ensuring the best for the players.” the stakeholders said in a release in Abuja

“We believe in this new vision and we are hopeful that productive steps would be taken by the All Nigeria Players Union to further the welfare and benefits of footballers all over the country.

“We wish to state that the interest of the players supersede any personal interest as we want to avoid rancour and clashes in our bid to get the best for our players.

“It is very unfortunate that we have to find ourselves in this position having been very proactive over the years in our part to better the lots of our players. At every stage, the aims and objectives must progressively target the main object and we feel that there has been a shift which now necessitated this move.

“We apologize to anyone who might be affected or offended by this development.”

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