I Took Sunshine Stars Coaching Job Because I Love Challenges – Ayeni

By Gbenga Adeleye

Former Ekiti United gaffer Ayodeji Ayeni says taking up challenges is the major reason behind him joining Sunshine Stars of Akure.

Ayeni took over Sunshine Stars in June with the team placed eighteenth in the table with 21 points from 24 games played.

Sunshine Stars garnered 45 points to finish sixteenth in the league table to avoid relegation to the second tier of Nigerian football.

Ayeni in an exclusive interview told FreekickNaija, asserts that he loves challenges and that motivated him to taking up the vacant position at the Owena Whales.

“I am a man of challenges and I love challenges very very well,” said Ayeni when asked why he took over relegated bound Sunshine Stars coaching job.

“Let me tell you the truth, check all the great men in the world they always took one decision or the other that triggered their succes in life.

“If you fail to take that decision it can be a stereotype situation and before you get that kind of decision right might not be and at the same time again, I believe in my people and my people believe in me,” Ayeni to FreekickNaija.

“They gave me that courage to take over the coaching position of Sunshine Stars despite their precarious situation in the league.

“They urged me to go and do it and you (Ayeni) will get it right, and I got it right and they too have gotten it right, what a good and double blessing for me by my name Ayodeji.”

On Continuing With Sunshine Stars Next Season, he states:

“Well everyone human being aspire to be great. “but as far as I am concerned right now you are talking about it, maybe you are the one.

“I haven’t gotten any call from anybody, but I believe the future is bright for all of us,” Ayeni maintained.

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