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Osun United, Joy Cometh Protest Against NNL AGM Resolution For Playoffs

Osun united and joy cometh of Lagos has appealed against the decision of the Nigeria National league club owners during it AGM to go for a playoff among all the 12 teams down the ladder of the table.

According to the appeal signed by the officials of the two teams,the league ended properly and the lower league that is the NIGERIA league one promoted 8 teams and are expecting 8 teams to come down from the NIGERIA NATIONAL league and already the 8 teams to go down to the NIGERIA league one (NLO) can be picked from the table so their was no need for the play off by 12 teams to pick the 8 that will go down.

According to osun united and joy cometh, the 8 teams to go on relegation have already been marked by the NIGERIA NATIONAL league board.

This means that osun united,joy cometh, taraba fc and Road safety Abuja are to remain in the NIGERIA NATIONAL league for the 2021/2022 season.

The number of teams to relegate was not discussed or written in the last season AGM communique.

This act or decision by the Nigeria National league club owners to call for a playoff is unconstitutional,, unprofessional and not logical,it was pronounced to favour some of their close colleagues,such act will further kill NIGERIA league system they added.

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