The Unending Squabbles, Tales of Players’ Ownership and the NFF

I have been terribly hurt by a footballing nation who in time of disputes shifts the burden of a player’s career trajectory to the player, a responsibility that is ultimately that of the football federation.

Sadly, majority of football stakeholders have aligned with our football federation as an acceptable method to resolve disputes as it relates to Clubs a player represented as well as training periods for each Club.

The player passport (an important document required for the international transfer of a Footballer) is too sensitive a document for a Country Football federation not to carefully input the correct information.

A falsified & misleading information has several implications hence FIFA holds every country football federation solely accountable to prepare & submit the document.

Rather than improve our system of records we have put our trust on the players who often than not are controlled by their family & dishonest Agents.

Nigerian young players are so frustrated with the lack of progress of our league & that desperation to play International football could make them vulnerable to a point that they are induced to the extent that some deny representing their training clubs, despite huge investment on them during their training periods on thr passports,

some deliberately omit their clubs that discovered them totally, a situation where such clubs lose every revenue supposedly to be claimed for the training & education of d player. Our structure at the State Football or Area Municipal Council (FCT Abuja) as affiliates to the federation are the answers to this growing cancer we have created.

We are badly exposing our players who are transferred Internationally by asking them to certify incorrect data using fingerprint that information on the player passport reflect her true career trajectory (Which is at variance with verifiable evidence that can be presented by training clubs).

A properly structured State FA & her affiliates have these records & should be relied on through intensive investigation where doubt arises for any player.

Now that we are registering players electronically on FIFA TMS, due diligence is very key to validating parent clubs as well as training clubs and playing history of every player.

My Applause & special recognition of the Gwagwalada Area Council, an affiliate of the FCTFA who helped resolved the very challenging & contentious issues around the true parent club of JORDAN KADIRI ATTAH.

Been able to provide supporting documents dating back to 2012 demonstrates the Nigeria we seek for, where REAL Men occupy positions of office to walk the talk.

To Abu Dhabi FC, congratulations as the first team where Jordan started participation in Organized football.

And to Catholic Cadet football club, your actions of reaping where a sister club sowed exposed your lack of integrity & transparency, which is against one of the FIFA goals of fair play.

How this has been carefully concealed for 3yrs has shocked me beyond words.

To the Compliance unit of the Nigerian football federation, it is time to change the Narrative. FIFA is laughing at us. We can’t continue to demand from our players fingerprint to certify their career track, when we can easily reach out to the affiliate FAs to verify facts with evidence.

We are putting them in the line of fire for a potential BAN by FIFA (for providing misleading information) over our inefficiency We can do BETTER please…

Engr. Eugene Eremionkhale
Chairman- Sunsel FC

Freekick Naija

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