Vincent Akinbami Organizes Sports Stakeholders Meeting In Oshogbo

The senior special assistant to the governor of Osun state on sport Development, Mr Vincent Akinbami is organizing a sport Stakeholders Meeting in oshogbo on the 29th of June , 2021.

According to him, Osun state sport stakeholders Meeting will go a long way to unravel the problems the state is facing in sport development and it will also bring out way forward.

He added that in solving problems, you must discuss with the actors who knows where the shoe pinches and administrators who also have limitations in carrying out activities.

The governor of Osun state Alhaji Isiaka oyetola is desarious about making the state the best in Nigeria in terms of discovering and nurturing of talent,he believes by focusing on sport, a lot of youth will be taken off the street to have a future, Vincent Akinbami added.

Speaking further , Akinbami said, a lot of potential world champions never got started because of lack of opportunity, osun state want to wake up from being a sleeping gaint and take it rightful place in terms of sport in Nigeria and the governor, Alhaji Isiaka Gboyega Oyetola believes this is the right step in the right direction, a lot will be unravel in terms of problems and steps will be taken after the STAKEHOLDERS meeting to move sport to the next level.

Those to take part in the meeting are coaches of all sport, captains of all sport, chairmen of sport association and a member, stadium Authority, Ministry of sport, ministry of education, osun state sport council and Journalist.

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