My Dream Is To Mentor People To Succeed In Live, Niger Tornadoes Goalkeeper Mustapha Aliko Reveals

Nigeria football whatsapp group “Naija Footballers Forum” goes personal with Niger Tornadoes goalkeeper, Mustapha Aliko and he shared some of his life experiences as a footballer.

Q. Where would you like to settle after your career?

Ans. My home town Minna (MS), the best city in the world. I was born in Minna and want to settle down there after my career.

Q. Which is the most interesting city you have visited so far?

Ans. Madrid is the best I have ever visited.

Q. Who is your dream girl?

Ans. Am a married man with kids.

Q. What would you have been were you not a footballer?

Ans. Well, a business man or journalist. I studied Mass communication, I wanted to be a journalist. I love news casting.

Q. What is your biggest dream?

Ans. To be a mentor. To mentor and see people grow. I love seeing people succeeding in live. Am not rich but when you are getting something in live, you have to give back to the society (community) where you came from. To help people grow in live, because there is live after football.

Q. What sports brand do you like most?

Ans. My best sports brand in Nike but coming down to Nigeria is Cone.

Q. What other sports do you enjoy outside football?

Ans. I don’t have any. I play football, watch football, eat football and drink football, sleep football. I do watch other sports but am in love with football and I don’t think I have any.

Q. Which is the best Stadium you have played in?

Ans. Espanyol Stadium (Stage Front) in Barcelona, that the best. If you want to talk about Nigeria, I will say Godswill Akpabio Stadium, Uyo.

Q. What are your hobby (ies)?

Ans. Reading book, novel and traveling.

Q. Who is your favourite Nigerian player?

Ans. Victor Osimhen. He is not only representing Nigeria, he is representing Africa. A very good Ambassador. I love him because of his hard working and easy going type.

Q. Favourite foreign player?

Ans. Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7)

Q. Which league do you hope to play on someday?

Ans. My best league is the Spanish Laliga.

Q. Your proudest moment in football?

Ans. Making the squad to play in the U17 and U20 World Cup for Nigeria.

Q. Your worst moment in football?

Ans. I don’t want to call it a worst or sad moment. The day I was dropped from the U23 team (Dream Eagles). We were camping in France for preparation to the Olympics. I was the only player dropped a day to traveling for the tournament.

Q. Who is the best player you have played alongside?

Ans. Mikel Obi and Lionel Messi. There was on player I love most then, he was with the Argentine team, Fernando Gago.

Q. Who is the one person you dream of facing on the pitch?

Ans. Iker Casillas Fernández. World number one during his days.

Q. Best game you have played?

Ans. Nigeria U20 vs Egypt U20 in Cairo. The last match for us to qualify for the AFCON in Benin Republic, we defeated Egypt 2-0 at the Cairo Stadium.

Q. Who do you always hang out with in your club?

Ans. I am indoor type.I don’t go out. Don’t hangout with anybody. After training session, I drive home straight. If you see me out, maybe with my kids for few hours.

Q. Your best coach?

Ans. I have worked with many coaches, Bala
Abubakar, Hamza Abara, John Obuh and Baba Ganaru. They are very nice coaches, I wouldn’t want to mention one.

Q. Your best friend?

Ans. I have two best friends. Ahmed Kunde and Yakubu Alfa (MON).

Q. Your best way to relax?

Ans. Stay indoor watching Nigeria Movies (Hausa and English).

Q. Favourite food?

Ans. I have two, Tuwo Kinafa and pounded yam.

Q. Favourite drink?

Ans. Coca cola.

Q. Favourite car?

Ans. Mercedes Benz.

Q. Who is your favourite music artist?

Ans. Tuface Idibia.

Q. Best music so far?

Ans. African Queen by Tuface Idibia.

Q. Your best Genre of movies. Nigerian movies or foreign movies?

Ans. Foreign movies, The Transporter.

Q. Greatest personality you have ever met?

Ans. David Beckham and Ronaldo De Lima.

Q. Who would you love to meet some day?

Ans. Iker Casillas Fernández, my mentor.

Q. What is your philosophy on life?

Ans. It an off media thing. I don’t want to disclose it.

Thank you so much for talking to us Mustapha Aliko.

Ans. It my pleasure and thanks for the giving me the opportunity to air my voice on this great platform. Whenever you call on me, I will be ready to answer your call, thanks alot.

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