Youths Across Nigeria Applaud Moses Adams Football Initiatives

From Yakubu Obande kaduna.

Moses Adams is a Exceptional Ex international that people would want to Associates with when it comes to service to humanity and Encouragements.

The former Westerlo fc Belgium star player had proven to be a freeminded person because of his association with people in all work of life and according to one of his back room staff who told us that Moses Adams believe in team work that would uplift and better the lives of people not really from his immediate Environment but let it cut across and that made teaming youths that has passion for football are applauding his efforts to the eyes of the public for taking the less concerned off the streets.

However the soft-spoken technocrat is approaching the development of his Football outfits to be a very structured Entity that would withstand the test of time and already he his gradually postition himself as one key Football icon that has Eyes for talents.

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