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Enyimba FC Joseph Atule Vows To Improve On Goal Scoring Form

By Gbenga Adeleye and Tosh Michaels

“Naija Footballers Forum” a whatsapp group which focuses on Nigerian players home and abroad last night caught up with Enyimba FC right wing forward, Joseph Atule in a interactive session where he opened up on some issues surrounding his move and challenges since moving to Enyimba FC.

The 23-year-old has stirred for Egyptian sides Ceremica Cleopatra and Misr Lel Makkasa. He also had a stint with Katsina United before joining reigning league champions Enyimba last season.


NFF: Good day Atule?

Atule: Good evening everyone.

NFF: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Atule: Am Atule Joseph by name. Playing for Enyimba FC of Aba.

NFF: Please tell us where it all started for you?

Atule: Yeah, it all started when I got my official contract with Kastina United that is where it all started.

NFF: Kindly tell us how you felt moving from Lobi Stars to Enyimba FC?

Atule: For me I think it’s was a good move for me as a player who’s playing with passion and I wanted to face a new challenge and the club Lobi Stars supported my move too.

NFF: You were close to joining Rivers United before making a move to Enyimba. What was your reason for the change of mind?

Atule: It’s was due to personal reasons that made me switch to Enyimba.

NFF: How has the experience been with Enyimba?

Atule: I must say it’s has not been easy with me here.

I started very well for the People’s Elephant. I was very happy here that yeah I’m facing this challenge with smiles on my face but things turned around when injuries set in.

NFF: What are those challenges you facing at Enyimba FC?

Atule: Firstly, I will say their style of play is totally different from what I was playing in my former team.

Secondly, injuries won’t let me enjoy football here. The next month I will be good playing being on starting 11, the following month injury won’t let me play again.

NFF: Can you tell us the nature of your injury?

Atule: Lower Abdominal pains that makes running difficult for me.

The doctors have done several scanning and treatment but it’s just there.

NFF: What steps have you taken or taking to make sure the injury doesn’t affect your game again?

Atule: Still treating myself everyday to make sure I’m back to my normal self.

NFF: From all us at Naija Footballers Forum we wish you speedy recovery.

Atule: Amen.

NFF: Your performance with Lobi Stars last season was top notch, Are we hoping to see more of that with Enyimba before the 2023-24 NPFL season comes to an end?

Atule: I pray I get back to my normal self so that I can play and enjoy football.

Because this injury is something I can’t explain.

NFF: How has it been working with coach George Finidi’s and adapting into his pattern play?

Atule: Is a coach who believes in me so much.

He always come to me and talking to me as a father.

In his words, he always say
Atule I believe in you so much I know the goals are not coming but I should no that my efforts is noticed.

NFF: Do you think Enyimba has what it takes to defend their title this season?

Atule: Yeah, we have all it takes to defend the title. We have quality players in the team but we’re struggling with injuries while playing every week. But believe me our plans is to defend it.

NFF: What do you hope to achieve with Enyimba FC?

Atule: For now lifting the trophy is the target now.

NFF: So far so good, how would you rate your performance in 2023-24 Nigeria Premier Football League season with Enyimba FC?

Atule: If your efforts didn’t produce results or scoring of goals nobody will ever believe you work hard.

Am doing extremely very well with the team and my efforts are felt.

I just have to say the style of play here made me have hard luck in the scoring aspect.

NFF: What are your goals for the season?

Atule: I want to claim the title with the People’s Elephant.

NFF: Which part of your game would you like to improve on?

Atule: Scoring of goals is just what is missing now.

NFF: Who is that one player you model your game around?

Atule: Sadio Mane. He’s my role model. I love is style of play so much.

NFF: On the scale of 1-10 how would rate the Nigeria Premier Football League, NPFL this season?

Atule: I will give it a 7 because the league has improved.

NFF: Every footballer has a dream of playing for the top clubs in England Spain and Italy.

Which of these top clubs in Europe does Atule dream of playing for?

Atule: Chelsea is my dream club right from childhood.

NFF: Let’s talk about the National team.

The Homebase Eagles have failed to qualify for CHAN on two occasions, what do you think is wrong and how can it be corrected?

Atule: It’s simple
They should invite people that merit it.

People that knows what it takes to represent your country.

NFF: Can you profer a solution for the team selection?

Atule: Like I said they should invite people that are hungry to play and those that knows what it takes to represent your country.

NFF: Any message to your fans out there?

Atule: Yeah, I just want them to understand one thing. The little challenges am having will soon be over by His grace and I will make them all proud.

NFF: Thank you Joseph Atule for your time and we wish you a quick recovery and best of luck for the season.

Atule: Amen and one love.

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