The Vice president of Osun united Mr Vincent Akinbami as urge various league boards to come up with tight finàncial regulations on the clubs and proper check on players contract and movement within clubs.

According to him, these will help to increase the cash movement within the league system and among the clubs and eliminate funds entry the pocket of club official, these will keep circulation of funds within the system.

Vincent Akinbami , who is also the coordinator of Association for better organized Nigeria League added that the clubs can not intentionally make a change, it behoves on the league board to force a change.

“The clubs will not intentionally want to make a change, the league board must put in place Control to regulate the clubs, which will help keep and increase funds within the sector, there is so much leakages in the system”.

The financial regulation, corporate governance and proper monitoring of players movement and adherence to played contract will help build the financial status of the club and create more employment in the football sector.


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