Why Nigerlites Should Rally Round Engr. Ibrahim Dada Led Tornadoes

There is no doubt that the appointment of Ibrahim Dada as the chairman of Niger Tornadoes Management Committee few months ago as a round peg in a round hole as it is gradually yielding results with is man managerial skills.

It is of importance for sons and daughters of Niger State home and in diaspora to rally round Engr. Dada to achieve the desired result for the State’s darling team.

Like it said, football is a team work with collective and conceited efforts if one wants to achieve the set goals.

Engr. Dada has been around the game for years, and with is vast knowledge and wealth of experience along side his foot soldiers in the management team will not achieve the desired result if only Nigerlites come together to support their only darling team in the Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL).

Since Engr. Dada assumed office, he has been able to steady the ship and bring in his administrative quality to bear which is gradually translating and yielding positive result in the team.

His managerial style of piloting the affairs of the club in areas of adequate welfare of players and supporting staff is next to non.

Engr. Dada has exhibited fairness in his stewardship and the ambience within the team can be described as top notch.

The soft spoken football administrator since coming on board has led by example through his actions instead of words which has translated among others.

He was on the verge of playing the Nigeria National League (NNL) with his own club, Maikunkele United that gained promotion to the second tier of the league.

But due to his new role as the Chairman of Tornadoes management he sacrificed and relinquished the Nigeria National League, NNL to allow him concentrate and give his best to the start darling team which he often describes as Niger Project.

No doubt, Dada is primed for success with his positive attitude and a desire to make a difference. His motivation and passion to work is not driven by money or prestige but genuinely want to inspire others to do their best.

Like John C. Maxwell said “A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.” This simply describes Engr. Dada’s person, a passionate leader who leads with heart and open-minded and respect differing opinions.

He is future-focused and capable of engaging others to achieve their goals. He looks at the big picture and embrace challenges.

I have no doubt in Dada’s ability and capacity in piloting the affairs of Niger Tornadoes and this is why sons and daughters of the power State should unite and rally round Ibrahim Dada to shoot Niger Tornadoes to an enviable height in global football.

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