I’m Glad to be Discovered by HON Godwin ABU Edoh Football Academy Agatu

From Yakubu Obande kaduna

Success Saleh never knew of leaving his village for in search of greener pastures in kaduna until he played a football Tournament that was organized by the member Representing Agatu at the Benue State House of Assembly in January where youngster success Saleh okwonu who played for OGAM TIGERS FC was picked up by the technical team of the HON GODWIN ABU EDOH FOOTBALL ACADEMY AGATU for his performance at the tournament.

The player who operates from the upfront of the attack has never thought of such opportunities until the Coming up of the competition but as God would have it talents is never hidden until the eagle eyes of the HON GODWIN ABU EDOH FOOTBALL Technical team saw his bundle of skills with that the Academy signed him as member for greater opportunities.

Hear him” Am very glad to be here as the member of the HON GODWIN ABU EDOH FOOTBALL ACADEMY AGATU BENUE State, I Never thought of leaving my village to kaduna and with my Coming I have learnt a lot with comprehensive Training and having fitness but the best of all is the boots that the owner of our Academy bought for me through the coordinator of the Academy I promised to do my best for opportunities before me and as a villager who is into farming I never thought of wearing an expensive Football boots but today I could put one I wept at the sports shop the day of the purchase I really appreciate the kind gesture from the Hon member”.

He stated but with his Coming to kaduna he has improved with Scouts and Agents trying giving him many opportunities.

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